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Exiled Empire Clan Staff Handbook

The purpose of the Exiled Empire Clan Staff Handbook, is to give the clan staff an outlook on what to do for certain situations they don't know how to handle.

1. Clan Fights

 Report all clan fights to a clan leader!

Less than three clan members:


  • Warn all participants of the fight to stop a maximum of two separate times.
  • Derank participants.
  • (If one of the participants have caused several fights in the past, kick them if they're a recruit) 
More than three clan members:
  • Warn everyone to stop fighting at least 2 times.
  • Mute the clan chat for approximately five minutes 



2. Clan Guests breaking Clan Chat Rules

If a guest enters the clan chat and starts breaking our Clan Chat rules (Ex. Using offensive Language)


  •  Warn the Clan Guest of the Clan Rule they're breaking. Then explain that all clan guests must Abide by Exiled Empire Rules.


3. Clan Members breaking the clan rules

 Refer to the rules and regulations page on how to deal with rule-breakers. 

4. Clan members disrespecting clan members.

If a clan member is disrespecting another clan member it is a form of Cyber Bullying. We do not tollerate any ounce of Cyber Bullying. 

  • Give a warning to the one disrespecting.
  • Derank the one disrespecting
  • Kick the one disrespecting. 

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