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Exiled Empire becomes a Multi-Gaming clan!

Posted by Exiled Vigor on December 21, 2016 at 8:55 PM

Exiled Empire, is no longer just the average RuneScape clan! We are now active in two games, and plan on spreading through more. This may be a shock to the loyal RuneScape base of Exiled Empire. Exiled Empire will always be a part of RuneScape. It is the game that found us.  You will not be abandoned. 

Changes to the clan website
Due to players of other games becoming part of the Exiled Empire family, the clan website will see changes over the span of 2017 to suit the new members and games. 

How to help expand Exiled Empire?
You may have interests in other games besides RuneScape. If you have an interest in expanding the clan into another game you play, applications will be created. The approval of these applications will depend on how long you've been in the clan, how active you've been over the clan website and games within Exiled Empire.  So if you're new, don't expect to get accepted for awhile. 

If your application is accepted, you will automatically be granted an admin position in ALL games within the Exiled Empire family. This includes the Top position in the game YOU are sponsoring. The top position is limited to if the Exiled Empire leader is on the game, as that position will always be reserved.

All games supporting the Exiled Empire clan must abide by the clan's rules and guidelines. These rules are universal through the Exiled Empire family.

Special conditions will be listed on the application, or on the Rules & Guidelines page.

Games part of the Exiled Empire family.
  • RuneScape (Home game, ACTIVE)
  • Ages of Empires: Castle Siege (ACTIVE)
  • Grand Theft Auto V (PC) (SEMI-ACTIVE)

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